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small businessWhen someone starts a small business they believe in the American Dream, they believe in themselves, and they believe that they have something special to offer to the world.  Small businesses account for most of the employment in this country, most of the growth, and most of the new ideas.  Small business is the heart of America and its most perfect soul.

Personally, I’m extremely proud to be a part of projects that take a small business and make it thrive like it never has before.

The World Is Changing For Small Business

The world is indeed changing and those who do not adapt to the changing technological landscape will be lost.  It’s no longer enough to have a great product or service without an equally great web presence and marketing strategy.  And it doesn’t matter how small your business might be, engaging the web head on in any small business’s best opportunity for growth.

In 2010 and in the coming years small businesses will flock to the internet like never before.  But, sadly many of them will fail in their venture, probably not out of lacking the right spirit or out of lack of hard work, but out of lack of experience and knowledge.

I want to put as many small business owners on the right path as possible and to keep them away from getting lost in the mire. As a business owner, you realize that you have to focus on your business, your core business.

When you move outside your area of expertise you start to lose that focus and your time can easily be drained away. RGV Computer Consulting gives small business owners some fast, easy to follow, basics in the world of optimizing for local search and small business marketing in general.

But we know that having a business your main goal should be to attract those searching for you online locally. That’s where getting listed in Google Local Search now known as Google Places comes in.

Small Business And Google Maps

Getting your Google Maps in order and doing it the right way is one of the best and most lucrative places to start.  It’s not difficult, but you’ve got to do it correctly, if you do you’ll see a definite spike in business that will begin to show you the real power of web marketing.

Utilizing Facebook, analyzing your competition, and optimizing your business site with on page SEO techniques are additional steps that will lead to even greater exposure and more growth for your business.

But, in truth, even this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the creative small business owner can accomplish with online promotions.

RGV Computer Consulting was started for this purpose however, It’s my sincerest hope that everyone absorbs these valuable techniques and applies them without delay.  It will truly open your eyes and help your local business thrive where other small businesses fail.

For a free report outlining exactly what every small business owner must do to leverage the power of Google Places and other resources download our Mastering New Marketing report or contact us for a FREE no obligation small business consultation on how we can help.

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