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Creating an SEO strategy (with Webmaster Tools!)

Maile Ohye describes how to create a holistic SEO strategy inclusive of all your company’s online channels (website, blog, social media channels). She uses the mock company, Webmaster Central, and pretends to be the SEO manager of the Webmaster Central Blog. Continue reading….

Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO Dead? – Forbes This is a question that gets asked often, and it’s a very heated topic to boot. There are plenty of folks in the industry who say it’s alive and well, and plenty of others who think it’s on the way out. Long-time SEO Jill Whalen recently announced she’s ending her […]

8 Video Types to Add to Your Content Marketing

8 Video Types to Add to Your Content Marketing – Search Engine Watch In 2013 you made a decision to use video to connect with your customers. But now the year is almost through and you’re still staring at your coworkers trying to understand what that means. What kind of video should you create? What […]

Small Business Marketing To Grow Your Business

Small Business Marketing – On A Budget Small business marketing can overwhelm new business owners, who often have great expertise in their chosen fields, but lack serious marketing experience. Unfortunately, competitors will not relax while owners develop business acumen. Modern business marketing efforts create tremendous competition for customers in person and online, and businesses must […]

Developing A Successful Small Business Marketing Plan

Successful Small Business Marketing Plan Before settling on a marketing plan, know your customer. A good strategy will target a specific customer base, those who view your product or service as filling a need or solving a problem. To advertise effectively, a small business marketing plan needs to determine customer motivation in order to expand […]

Small Business Marketing Consultant Strategies For Success

The Small Business Marketing Consultant Owning and operating any small business carries with it some daunting responsibilities and tasks. You want to succeed of course, but you also want to fulfill your dreams as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest integrity. Your “small business toolbox” must be well equipped with clever strategies […]

The Road To Small Business Marketing

Their are several benefits of small business marketing. If you use the right tools, you’ll be able to attract more buyers and close more sales, you also could create business cards to hand out to everyone you know and everyone you don’t know, you can create a website, and you could also try out e-mail […]

Why Hire a Small Business Marketing Consultant

The Small Business Marketing Consultant Small businesses are finding it harder than ever to compete during this economic crisis. Many businesses have been forced to close down simply because they were not able to attract the new prospects they needed to grow or maintain their current business. Today, it is more important than ever to […]

Effective Direct Response Marketing Plan

Direct Response Marketing For Business Many small businesses can benefit from the use of direct response marketing to assist in gaining more responsive prospects. This specific marketing technique is very effective in putting your message in front of a large audience and then narrowing down that audience so that you receive inquiries only from those […]

4 Success Tips for Your Small Business Internet Marketing Campaign

Small Business Internet Marketing Know How There are dozens of ways to create a successful small business internet marketing campaign, but for small business owners budget is almost always a critical component of the process. Here we explore 4 great tips to ensure your small business marketing campaign is successful, even on a budget. 1.   […]