Effective Direct Response Marketing Plan

direct response marketingDirect Response Marketing For Business

Many small businesses can benefit from the use of direct response marketing to assist in gaining more responsive prospects. This specific marketing technique is very effective in putting your message in front of a large audience and then narrowing down that audience so that you receive inquiries only from those who have an interest in your particular product or service.

A great example of direct response marketing is infomercials. Although they will air to a large audience of potential customers, only a select few will watch the infomercial and even fewer will directly respond. Although the ratio of response to viewers may be low, the value of those who respond is far greater since you already know they have a genuine interest in your product or service. Once you have them on your list you know that you will easily be able to promote additional products or services of the same type to them and achieve a high level of success.

Direct Response Marketing Differences

Unlike direct marketing which targets a very specific group, direct response marketing relies on marketing to much larger groups and then relying on the customer to make the first move. This empowers the individual and takes the sales pressure off. Gaining a lead through this method creates a much more targeted and responsive prospect.

This is a very powerful method of marketing when done correctly and there are several factors which can either make or break your efforts. It is vital to know your target demographic before you begin as you will need to appeal directly to that potential customer. This will affect every aspect of your campaign from the advertisement it self to the networks in which you present it so be sure to do your homework.

It is also critical to make the ‘contact’ part of the process simple and easily defined. A very definite call to action along with clear understanding of what they will achieve when they contact you is essential. If you make the process too tedious or deceptive, it will not work effectively and you will only be wasting time.

Direct Response Marketing – Simplicity is also an important factor.

If you over complicate the pitch you may find that your message becomes too general and attracts the wrong prospects who may have misunderstood your offer. Here is where it is again important to know your target prospect and communicate solely to them. Certain key phrases and calls to action can affect different audiences so choosing the right combination is essential.

If you are not familiar with the various components of direct response marketing, you may want to first contact a marketing consultant. They can help you to understand the various types of techniques which are proven effective and gain the most response. A consultant can also help get you understand where your advertising will gain the most exposure which is a key piece of this type of marketing strategy.

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