Google Local Business Listing

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Using Google’s Much Improved Small Business Marketing Tool

Google Local Business Listing

If you own a small business and you don’t have a Google local business listing, you are really missing out on one the most affordable forms of small business web marketing.

Google has really come a long way in the past several years in terms of being able to level the playing field for small businesses by making their Google local listing platform affordable, accessible, user-friendly, and amazingly targeted.   It’s amazingly profitable for Google’s customers…if they use the platform correctly and to its fullest.

Understanding Google Local Business Listing

If you become a client of Google’s, Google local business listing results will list your business information at the top of Google whenever either your business name is typed into Google or if a geo targeted keyword with your particular industry is entered into Google’s search box.

The first part is fabulous because potential clients that “Google” your business name are your most targeted web site visitors.  They’ve heard about your business and now they want more information. You need them to find you fast.

Also, if your website is not “ranked” on the first page of Google… well, you all of a sudden rise to the top of the search engine results for your business name automatically.  This way you can be listing one on page one of Google without doing any SEO.

Now, of course, we encourage doing SEO and getting even more exposure on page one with multiple listings, but that is another topic entirely.  The real interesting part of Google local business listings is that your business can appear at the top of page one, above the fold for tons of what are called “long tail keywords”.

In other words, if you own a bakery and somebody types in” bakery + a geo targeted word”,  which you’ve identified as relevant, such as Denver, let’s say, then your business jumps to the top of the Google search results any time somebody types in the keyword “Denver bakery”, or “bakery Denver”, or “Denver Colorado bakery”…you get the idea.

Using Google local listing to increase your online advertising exposure is critical because more and more people have internet access and are doing their initial research online.  They don’t tend to look in a phone book or something of that nature.  They jump online.

And as any smart small business owner knows, many times the very first business that “gets in front of a potential client” wins the business.  The more eyeballs that you get looking at your company and your unique service the more business you will obtain, it’s truly that simple.

Using the Google local business listing tools is just one way that an internet marketing firm (like ours) can help a small business create a highly unique, targeted, and tightly budgeted online marketing plan.  As we see it, with the way the business world is changing, the future of your business depends on it.

Our FREE report ,which you’ll notice on this page, includes a wealth of information on topics such as Google local business listing and Google local business listing features, so that you can educate yourself at your own pace on how to proceed and really sink your teeth into online marketing. Once you do, an entire new world of opportunity will open up for your small business.

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