Increasing Website Traffic – A Small Business Owner’s Guide To Dominating Their Local Market

Simply increasing website traffic is not the goal.

The inexperienced marketer or small business owner might read that sentence and think to themselves…but don’t we need lots of website traffic in order to get more leads for growing our business?

Well, yes… and NO. The first basic rule of marketing your business on the web is that all web traffic is not created equal. You can increase your website traffic all day long (that’s actually quite easy to do), but if the wrong visitors are finding you then your lead capture conversation rates won’t even budge.

However, once you tap into the right kind of traffic, even though it might be just a trickle, you will observe that your lead conversion numbers skyrocket to the moon.

This is the website traffic that a small business owner needs to be targeting in order to completely dominate their particular, unique marketplace. Please tattoo onto your brains because it’s the most important web marketing rule, from which all other concepts flow.

So, how do we find this targeted website traffic? We start with keywords.

Keyword research is how we determine our target market and how they are trying to find our small business. We may think that we know how our target market is trying to find us, but we may be 100% completely wrong. And, if we optimize our business’ website around keywords that don’t bring the right kind of targeted web traffic…then we just wasted a whole lot of time and money.

The research phase of your online marketing campaigns the most important critical step.
Who are your competitors? How are their websites optimized? What keyword phrases are they targeting? Which critical keyword phrases are they missing out on? Which keywords are your easiest prime targets?

If you don’t know the answer to these and many other important questions then you will never increase targeted website traffic and you’re organic search marketing campaign will fail. Or, more probably, your competitor will take advantage of search marketing and drive you out of business…eventually. Not a pretty picture.

In order to get the quickest jump start to your online marketing campaign your marketing team should be able to point out which keywords you can rank for on Google, Yahoo, and Bing in the shortest amount of time.

This way, we begin to see a return on our advertising dollars much earlier. And with this new capital you can reinvest into going after more difficult and competitive keywords. Now that is ninja marketing at its finest…and very smart business.

To increase your website traffic after the research phase and web development are complete you need to take the next step, and that is writing or outsourcing your content (based around your keywords) and building backlinks to your website.

Consistent content creation and backlink building is what the search engines like Google absolutely love, and as your site and your quality relevant backlinks grow, so will your leads. Then you’ll have to think about expanding.

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