Local Business Marketing Is Changing Big Time

local business marketingAdapting Your Local Business Marketing

Its A New World And Businesses Are Being Forced To Adapt

Not too long ago one quite well known local business marketing technique for car dealers was to get a crazy guy out on the lot busting up cars with a sledge hammer.  Usually it was the owner.  It was copied all over the country and proved a very successful method of local advertising, which was its purpose.  Whatever local business marketing and advertising agency came up with this idea had a real gem.  People noticed and they went in to buy cars from this guy.

Small business advertising ideas come in all forms.  In the old days it was newspapers advertising your small business that brought in your traffic but people don’t read the newspapers like they used to.  Yellow Pages marketing ideas were pitched to all new local business listings in the phone book and in some cities the phone book became so large it took more than one volume to contain it all.  And people actually “let their fingers do the walking,” as the old TV ads used to urge you to do when you needed to locate a product or service.  But guess what, things have changed!

Where Can I Get More Information on Local Business Marketing?

Roughly 80% of U.S. households are now online and it’s estimated that somewhere around 70% are using the Internet to find information on every subject under the sun.  Years ago, when someone came up with the nickname, “Information Superhighway,” they hit that nail right on the head.  And the Internet phenomenon has changed local business marketing strategies forever (and for the better).  If a business can get its website address into the heads of their target audience and the site to which they are directed is well designed then the sale is practically already made.  This is where a good Internet marketing business plan comes in.

Truth be told, most people running a successful small business company know little or nothing about setting up effective Internet marketing websites.  What they do know, however, is that advertising on the Internet these days is critical and finding an advertising firm specializing in online marketing for small businesses is a simple enough mission.  And, when you think about it, it’s also a good test of an advertising businesses ability to get you to choose them over all the competition out there.  If they got you to somehow notice their company, they should be able to get the same results helping to market your business online.

Local Business Marketing – What’s In A Name?

Shakespeare wrote it, and it’s been repeated a billion or more times over, “That which you call a rose, by any other name, would small as sweet.”  The biggest Internet marketer online, a company called Amazon, used to be called ‘Cadabra’ when it was first started as an online bookseller.  That wasn’t so very many years ago, really.  But Jeff Bezos, the founder, learned that people were put off by the name because it sounded too much like the word ‘cadaver’ which, of course, is the term for a dead body!  Part of his local business marketing plan was to come up with a name to which people would respond positively.  He also wanted something starting with the letter ‘A’.  That way, he figured, it would be near the top of any lists compiled alphabetically that included his company’s name.  Good choice, wouldn’t you say?

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