Marketing For Small Business Takes Some Creativity

Creative Marketing For Small Business

If you are a small business owner and have not given thorough consideration to your marketing needs then you are missing out on a large portion of your potential customers and loosing potential sales each day. It is an important aspect of any small business and can make all the difference in its overall success.

Marketing for small business requires a different level of expertise than is needed to market larger, more established firms. For one, their customer base tends to be more localized which requires a more focused approached. Second, their marketing budgets tend to be much smaller so it is important to make the best use of those dollars. This often means taking a more creative approach.

6 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Community Events/Launches – Consider a way to bring your latest product or service into the thick of it. A very public launch of a product via a well publicized event can attract many new eyes and ears who may have not otherwise found you. A local specialty food store could host a community cook off as a way to showcase their unique fare. If you have a children’s party store you could host a face-painting party at a local day camp for free. The point is to immerse yourself in the very community where your customers interact each day.

Unique Contests – Don’t just hold a contest or promotion and give away a product, make it something people want to talk about. For a local dog groomer this could be an Owner/Pet look-a-like contest or an Ugliest Pet contest. A book store could hold an in-house scavenger hunt for book titles or author names and award a gift card to the winner.

You want people to buzz about it so a little wacky will go a long way here. Online social networks are great for viral contest marketing like this because a select audience can be targeted by simply using your city or town name. Information is tossed around super fast on social sites like Facebook and Twitter and can easily bring an immediate result if done right.

Client Referrals – Utilizing the client base you have already developed successfully can be a great way to find new leads at a low cost. Offer special pricing for any client who gets in a viable referral. This will encourage them to be on the lookout for new leads.

Join Local Business Organizations – Most Towns and Cities have a business development organization of some type. Many sponsor local networking event to showcase the talents of the local small businesses. The know that marketing for small businesses can be challenging, and understand the value that small businesses play within the community, so they work hard to help business owners get the word out.

Newsletters – Electronic or printed newsletters are a great way to spotlight your goods and services. With the easy to use templates and software, business owners can create an email newsletter in virtually no time at all and have it in their customer’s inbox on a regular basis. Many online providers of this service, such as Constant Contact, have made the process so easy, even a novice can be up and running with an email marketing campaign very quickly.

Copy A Great Idea – They do say it is the highest form of flattery. If you see a great idea that is being used by a local business in your area, why not try utilizing it for your small business. You may have to tweak it a bit, but at least you already have proof it works and can avoid the trial and error.

I’m Not the Creative Type. What Do I Do Then?

Making use of an advertising and marketing consultant can help in figuring out new and creative ways to market your business without going broke. Look in your area or online or ask other business owners in your area for a referral. Using a firm that specializes in marketing for small business will likely expose creative ideas you may not have thought of. They can see your business as a customer, since they are not emotionally involved, and point out marketing techniques you may have overlooked.

You can also look online for great marketing ideas. There are hundreds of websites and blogs with a bounty of information on this topic. You can find some great ways to get the word out and stay within your budget with just a little surfing.

Marketing for small business can be very affordable if you get those creative juices flowing.