Marketing Your Local Business

The Importance Of Marketing Your Local Business

As a local business owner the most important thing you can do is to get the word out about your products or services. One way to do this is through online advertising. If you have a business and are not targeting your local area, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Consumers these days are using the internet to find local retailers and service providers in their area. One way to accomplish this is to register your website in some of the most popular online marketing sites.

If you look at current trends you will find that most consumers are using the internet to find their way to local brick and mortar retailers. Online searches account for more than 20 percent of purchases as found in a recent study by ROI Research, Inc.

So if you want your local business to reach new levels of success you have no choice but to tap into this growing trend of online searching by consumers.

It’s quite simple, if you’re not advertising your business online chances are your competition is.

Why not take advantage of these online marketing sites and watch your business grow. Or let one of our website marketing team professionals do it for you. Either way if you want to succeed both online and off advertising is the only way to do it.

Here are some sites you can use to get started marketing your local business:

Google AdWords
If you’re in a hurry and want to get leads fast there’s no better way to accomplish this than with Google Adwords. The way this works is you select a keyword related to your product or service.

When someone goes online looking for that product or service Google displays your ad for them to click on. Once they click the ad, they’re taken to your website where you will have the opportunity to convert them into a paying customer.

This works great since you will be able to only target local searchers looking for your product or service. This is what is called targeted traffic, which converts well since your offer will be just what they’re looking for. Another good thing is that with Google Adwords your able to control your daily ad spend so you can start with as little as $20.00.

Yahoo! Local Listings
Yahoo Local Listings is another great way to get some targeted local business calling you. They have three levels of advertising, basic listing, enhanced listing and featured listings. To find out more about these packages just visit their website. The basic listing is free, so if you’re on a tight budget this is a good way to get started.

At CitySearch your offered some online advertising tools which will help you to easily open your account, manage your daily results and receive ad placement on MSN, Yahoo!, Google and This site is similar to Google Adsens which uses pay-per-click advertising, CitySearch offers two paid plans, “Web Connect” and “Call Connect.”’s AskCity
Recently, launched AskCity, which is a new local search source putting everything at your fingertips. On one screen consumers are able to map a route to a location, make dinner reservations, find local businesses and email their plans to friends, all from one location. The advertising plans vary but well worth a look.

If you’re really want to get the most out of your local business advertising contact us to setup an appointment so we can discuss how we can help you get more business.