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Let our website marketing team develop your small business marketing online traffic plan. We can take your site to the top of search engine results quickly. More traffic more sales, simple as that.

It doesn’t matter what industry your small business is in… we’ll drive targeted traffic to your website and help increase your customer base while at the same time cutting your advertising expenses in half. .
If you haven’t been paying attention to the latest small business marketing trends in the small business world lately, let me show you 3 important FACTS that you need to know as a business owner If you want to make it during these hard times:

1. The Yellow Pages? – Why?

Customers are no longer searching for your business in phone books… they’re searching ONLINE! Phone book adverting is for the 20th Century… Step into the 21st Century with our state of the art services. Remember everyone searches for what they are looking for on the internet these days.

Think about what services or products you sell that your prospects are searching for online… Now do a search for that in your geographic area of business… Is your business showing up right at the top of the search engine listings? Does it show up at all on the page? If not then we can help get you there FAST!
Did you know that there are internet marketing techniques you can use to have your business show up in MULTIPLE locations on that search page for your relevant keywords? Our experts know how to get you there and KEEP YOU THERE!

2. Newspaper Advertising Is DYING!

Although newspapers can still be a viable method of advertising your small business, it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to know that newspaper readership has been declining for years now. The truth is that the majority of people are simply going to online news sites to read their daily news these days.
That’s bad news for the small business owner like yourself who may have relied on newspaper ads to attract new customers… Besides your ad will only appear once we will setup ads that will be there for years for potential customers to find.

And guess what… hardly any of your competitors know how to do this… but, we’ll do it for you as part of our website marketing package.
Forget about buying an ad in a physical newspaper ever again… This is SO MUCH easier, cheaper and it’s a form of advertising that you don’t have to keep paying for. Remember when we place these ad’s they’ll be there for years to come!

3. Do TV Commercials Work Anymore?

This is yet another advertising method that has been quickly diminishing in power recently. With the invention of Tivo’s combined with ever-reducing attention spans in recent years while “channel surfing”, TV ads are simply NOT getting the job done for most small businesses anymore.

Television ads are too expensive and almost nobody is paying attention to TV commercials these days. They just use the remote control and click to the next channel when a commercial comes on.
However, do you Know where people ARE spending increasing amounts of their time these days? You guessed it they’re ONLINE!

And that’s where you’ll attract hordes of new customers to your business for mere pennies in advertising costs in some cases (and even for ZERO advertising costs with some of our methods).

You’re going to be blown away when we show you how easy some of these online marketing tactics really are! And once we set things up you’ll be on the top of the search engines and blow your competition away. So why not give our website marketing team a try.

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