Email Address:
Web Site URL:
Additional URLs – Please identify additional domain names pointing
to this website (if any)
Long Term Objectives (e.g. more sales, more subscribers, more
traffic, more publicity, tracking marketing initiatives, etc.?):
Short Term Objectives – What you would most like to achieve in the
next 90 days:
How is the web site/business currently marketed? Direct mail,
email, trade shows, advertising in print-radio-TV, email
marketing, word of mouth, PPC, SEO, interactive marketing, etc.
What unique value does your product or service offer
clients/prospective clients? What need does it satisfy better than
the competition?
Please list all of the site’s calls to action (e.g. purchase
products, contact you, download a whitepaper, sign-up for a
newsletter, etc)
What platform and content management system is used?
Was the site built in-house or outsourced?
What personnel are available for support and implementation of
marketing initiatives?
How long has the site been up?
In what ways and how often is web site content added/updated? By
Who wrote the copy (text) on your website (e.g. in-house marketing
dept, programmer, out-sourced copywriter)?
How many press releases are distributed each month and through
what distribution channels?
Is there a blog? If so, what is the URL and what is its purpose?
Is the company willing/able to change the web site content to
improve relevancy?
Does anyone in the company author articles pertaining to your
company and/or industry?
Does the company produce or outsource the creation of video
What are the site’s geographical target markets (e.g.
country-specific, state-specific, town-specific?
What are the site’s demographic target markets (e.g., young urban
females, working mothers, single parents, etc.)?
Current audience segments (i.e. gender, new or returning
customers, age, corporate position, etc)
What are 20 search keyword phrases that prospects might use to
find your site in the search engines?
Who are the major competitors online? What are their URLs?
Are you currently using website analysis software? If so, which
program do you use? Who looks at the information and how often?
What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) do you monitor with your
How does a prospective buyer typically make contact? (web form,
phone, email, in person)
What is your annual online marketing budget (including SEO & PPC
How did you hear about us (or who referred you)?

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