Secrets To Effective Small Business Marketing

small business marketingSmall Business Marketing Success

As any small business owner knows (or should know) the secret to small business success is effective small business marketing.  You may have the best business ideas in the world, the best product ever or the best service, but if nobody knows about it, you’re dead in the water.  By the way, that’s a sailing term – dead in the water – for when there’s no wind to fill your sails and you just sit there, unable to gain any headway.

You may have what you consider to be the best home business opportunity in the world, but if nobody knows your name then there’s a good chance no one will come knocking at your door to ask what it’s all about.  Your job is to stir up some interest and some excitement but, most of all, some sales.  Making sales is the name of the game and the bottom line.  Without sales, you might as well pack up your stuff and go fishing.  You’ll have a better chance of eating dinner at least that way!

Starting up your own business can be a very scary experience for someone with no track record but it’s worth the risk when weighed against the potential rewards.  Being your own boss and being able to work out of your home are two big draws for someone considering the pursuit of a home business opportunity.  Whether it’s an MLM home business or an online home business with totally unique business ideas, to be successful you need to become known.  The easiest and least expensive way to accomplish this may be through active networking.


Small business marketing techniques taught in accredited business schools don’t really teach courses in networking, which is probably a big mistake.  For the most part, professors teaching these courses have never actually operated a successful business and what they know and teach regarding business marketing is simply what they’ve learned from reading books or attending seminars, not from doing the deed in the trenches.  Business marketing books and articles are fine but there is no teacher as valuable as experience itself.

Nearly all successful business owners share one thing in common – they’ve built a strong network of contacts able to provide information, support and referrals.  It may have taken years to create their network but, once established, it’s almost automatic in providing new business.

Think about it.  A real estate agent is a perfect example of a small business entrepreneur who depends on contacts and referrals to grow his or her business.  By providing great service to every customer, their name will be passed along to friends and family as a great person with whom to do business.  This example holds true for every other type of small business out there.

There are about a zillion ways to network and the more ways you use the better off you’ll be.  Small business marketing fifty years ago depended heavily on networking and its importance is now being realized again.  It can be as simple and direct as emailing everyone you know and informing them of your new business status or using social media to grow your business.  Consider Facebook and Twitter.  Look how they’ve grown exponentially in such a relatively short span of time.  It’s all about networking!

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