Are You On Top of Buzz?
Local Buzz That Is!

Your business needs all those potential customers who are looking for what you have but in their own area. Local Buzz helps you reach out to them by letting them know about you in the online area where they are likely to go to shop.

So what is Local Buzz?
It a great resource of local listings and maps based on a geographical area

It covers all the major search engines

It includes major sites such as
Google Places
Bing Local
Facebook Places

So What Does All This Do For You?
First you need to know that you must be up with the times. The media of the internet is far ahead of print media. It is time for you to think about staying on par with your competitors by making sure you are being noticed in a local online presence. But…it doesn’t stop there you need to marry this local presence up with a strong SEO campaign

It’s All About Traffic!
People like to shop locally. They feel they are being loyal to their community when they do. This means you need to be found in their local search and the way that you do this is by becoming part of Local Buzz. You are focusing on targeted traffic because people that are checking out their local listing already have an interest and they want to shop

Its All About Getting the Word Out!
You need to let your potential shoppers know you are ready, willing and able to provide the product/service they are looking for and a great way of doing this is through reviews. This is just one of the great features that will be available to you at our Local Buzz Service

Go Where Your Customers Go!
The world of mobile devices is the hub of the communication world and your business needs a presence there. It creates a super platform for the shoppers on the go when they can quickly and easy implement a local search and shop on the go. Just imagine your business name coming to their attention the moment they need what you have to offer!

Growing Beyond Your Competitors

You may think that you have enough to look after with your own business without worrying about what your competition is doing. If you want to out do them then you have to know what is working and  not working for them. You will soon discover that those that you are competing against that are leaving you in the dust are doing so because of the Search Engine Optimization AND their reaching the local target markets. You can do this to through Local Buzz

Now is the time to take action!

There isn’t much that a consumer won’t look for when it comes to shopping on the internet, so you need to be where they can find you. Whether it’s a service or product they want it now and they want to get it quick and easy. You need to be there ready and waiting for them. If you aren’t then your competitors’will. You need to be found on the devices that your future customers are going to use to get to you.

You Need To Create the Local Buzz…And That’s Our Job!

With our services you will be the talk of the neighborhood

Our services are going to get your rightful spot in the Local Business Listing Research where it counts.

Here is what we are going to do for you….

We’re going to first determine just where you stand in the local web searches
Next we’re going to make sure your accounts have been set up the right way and they have in fact been verified.
Then we’re off to Facebook Places where we are able to publicize your mobile promotions locally. We’ll do the same at Google Places and Foursquare too.If you are just starting from the ground up with Local Buzz then it may mean we need to revamp or design your images, optimization and publications. Keeping your social events updated is critical to their success and no better place to achieve this than Local Buzz, and we’re on it for you.

Choose one of our packages and let us put you on the map in your local area!